Be a Lifesaver!

Rescue your customers from unpleasant customer service experiences.

When your customers are frustrated by their attempts to reach you or resolve issues, and you and your team are exhausted from the need to be responsive to calls and emails rather than delivering services to your community, it’s time to call CDS.

Voted One of the Best Ohio VoIP Companies
Best Startup voted Computer Data Services one of the best VoIP Companies in Ohio

Voted One of the Best Ohio VoIP Companies

Best Startup voted Computer Data Services one of the best VoIP Companies in Ohio

Our Solutions

Helping customers navigate your services should never disrupt your ability to deliver those services. Throw your customers a lifeline. Your staff might even thank you too!

Automated Appointment Scheduling

Use our fully customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to allow your clients to schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You set the schedule and the technology does the work.

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Customer Care & Engagement

Let our professional team of agents deliver consistent, timely and courteous service to clients that reach out to you via phone, email or SMS.

Our agents are trained to deliver the best service to each of your customers.

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Web Hosting & Design

Increase your community outreach and make your customer messaging more effective.

Your website is not only your first impression, it is the door through which your clients engage you and your services. Make sure that door is open and welcoming.

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Virtual PBX

You’re too small for a sophisticated phone system, but need more than a few phones with voicemail capabilities. We can provide intelligent call routing, queuing, reporting and recording.

Never miss an important call again!

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Our Industries

CDS has ample experience in providing call center/customer service support to clients for a variety of programs and in several locations.

You’ve come a long way since the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act declared a War on Poverty. You’ve helped millions of families achieve self-sufficiency and have held entire communities together by standing in the breach. But, you continue to face new challenges and headwinds.

Let us help you make the most of your limited resources so you can meet today’s challenges with confidence.

Having a stellar customer service model is critical to transportation systems. Quality customer service experiences improve customer satisfaction, which in turn increases ridership. With increased ridership comes increased funding to make additional transit investments in your community.

Let’s collaborate to bring the highest level of satisfaction to your passenger community.

Too many calls, too many emails, too many voicemails but can’t afford a full time receptionist or assistant? Are you missing out on business opportunities because potential clients can’t reach you when they need to? With a Virtual PBX solution, these problems are all solved.

We can take your calls or we can give you the tools to manage the traffic more efficiently and effectively.

Computer Data Services partners with Woland Web, a company that connects creative vision to clean code to deliver exceptional websites that are appealing, engaging, and secure. We see your website as an extension of your work, an important tool for outreach, and believe it can (and should) be an asset to your organization.

About Us

Like you, we care deeply about customer service. Whether you’re in the business of helping people, moving people or just communicating with people, we want to help you make those interactions matter.

We answer millions of calls a year. We meet client SLA’s nearly 99% of the time. Our US-based agents routinely wow our customers by exceeding expectations.

Don’t believe us? Read a few of our testimonials to see what our clients have to say.

CDS has shown its true heroic colors through the COVID-19 Pandemic; responsive, flexible and engaged. They are the bridge our temporary new business model needed to reach our consumers in these trying times. One less worry – thank you, CDS!
Colette Harrell, MS, The Breathing Association

CDS has made it easy to prepare a telephone transcript that is tailored specifically for our rural, 3-county service area. We have had to make several adjustments with the programmatic changes, especially during the current COVID-19 crisis and we have been completely satisfied with the results. This service is worth every penny and a blessing 24/7!
Michele Lucas, HARCATUS Family Support Centers


Since 2014, CDS uses a hybrid in-office/work from home staffing model that has Increased employee job satisfaction, reduced absenteeism and illness, and saved clients money.

Key attributes of our most successful customer service agents:

  • Self-motivated
  • Organized
  • Effective communicator
  • Disciplined
  • Problem-solver

If this describes you, apply today.

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